Montana Restaurants

1st Quarter Restaurant & Casino

Listing Type: Family Restaurant
City: Anaconda Montana
Phone: 563-6059

Description: 1st Quarter Restaurant & Casino is a one story structure with plenty of parking space. It is nicely kept and well maintained. It has a lunch counter area with a few tables and a separate dining area. The gambling casino is separate from both of these areas.

It has a friendly, cozy, and relaxing atmosphere and the food is delicious. When visiting the Anaconda area stop by the First Quarter Restaurant for all your dining needs, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Directions: The First Quarter Restaurant is located off Highway 1 which runs right through Anaconda

.When entering from the east end. You will be on what is called Commercial Street. Upon entering you will see an Albertsons store. Proceed on Commercial in the left lane and make a left turn at Jefferson. When you reach the corner you will see the restaurant across the street.

When entering from the west end of town drive all the way through town. You will come to a railroad track, cross it and the restaurant is sitting right there on the right hand side of the street.

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